4 Ways to Use Video for Company Communication

Technology has given us a lot of new ways to communicate with more people and less effort.  You can connect with a business partner on the other side of the planet, send emails to thousands of people at once, and stay in contact with your company as you travel around the globe, or just while you’re on your way to work.  However, speaking face to face is still an important and effective way to communicate. Did you know that only 7% of your meaning is translated through text?  However, with increasingly remote teams, how do you achieve this? You can easily use a video to effectively connect everyone in your company.  Here are a few ways you can use a well-produced corporate video in your company.

Kick Off a Big Project

Use a video to get people pumped up and ready for a new project by describing the goals, organization, and activities of the project.  You can also use the video to help get people in the mindset they need to change gears for a new project.  Videos can be used to pump up an in-house team, communicate with a remote team, or hype up a project for investors or stake holders.

Communicate Goals with Your Company or Organization

A video helps you clearly and concisely communicate goals for a project, a department, or a company as a whole.  Describing goals over the course of a video incorporates body language and helps keep the message clear.

Annual Summaries

You can also make annual summaries videos.  Explaining the overall well-being of your company over a video not only puts a face with the company, but makes it easy for you to point out highlights, data, and more.  You can also explain important infographics to help your business excel in the coming year.

A Message from the CEO

A personal video message from the CEO gives a unique and personal touch to an important message.  Making a video message helps put your face to your name much more than what a simple email or letter can do.

These are just a few ideas to help you get thinking about how corporate video production can help your company.  The possibilities are endless!