Capture the Story with Branding Videos

In 1650, branding videos was a long way off. Marking products, and goods was a way to identify cattle to show ownership. Later on, wooden cases were marked by burning descriptions and identification of ownership from a company. Branding now has a much bigger purpose for companies other than marking ownership on cases. In 1886, Coke sold 9 bottles. Now, on average, Coke sells 1.8 billion bottles every day.

What can this show us?

Markings alone do not sell 1.8 billion bottles a day, but showing a set of unique values can. Every brand has a story to tell. Quality, confidence, passion, belonging, and taking action compel people to react and listen. Your company is unique and your branding should show the world what makes you different from the rest.  Quality branding is a critical key to a successful business. Building recognition by way of branding videos can create a positive response between you and your clients. Every where you turn on the web, in the stores, and everywhere else a video device can be placed, you will see branding videos.

Safehouse Studios has a wide range of equipment, from professional studio equipment to on-site lights and cameras, so we can make branding videos that best reflect your company.  We think of branding as your “story”:  It’s how you want other people to view your company.  Safehouse Studios will work closely with you to make sure your branding represents your “story” on every level.

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