Commercial Production

We understand that when doing commercial production you don’t just sit behind a camera and press the record button; you find a visual emotion and tap into it. A very famous commercial that you might recall had a puppy rescued by a horse. This commercial was produced by Budweiser – a beer company – which seems to have no connection to a rescue puppy. If you think about it, the only connection that these two entities have is the viewer. Many who enjoy a good beer may also enjoy a cute puppy. The fact that a large company such as Budweiser invested in a million dollar time slot during the Super Bowl speaks volumes.

What do we take away from this?

An emotional response is a strong response that will cause someone to take action. Budweiser brand has an emotional connection to its consumers. For many people a good beer is connected to enjoying one’s time – the equivalent of enjoying time with a heroic horse or a puppy. Unlike most, we take a chance and go for the visual emotion.  Amongst all the competitive noise, you have to make an impression that will connect with the viewer to compel them to take action – or at the very least, they will not forget the emotion (AKA brand).


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