Corporate Training Videos

Not only does a company and or Association have the task of finding high qualified employee members, but they need to be trained effectively as well. Location and  logistics  can also play a part in  creating a challenge for training. Producing a cohesive platform can allow companies to streamline their training programs regardless of location or logistics.  Corporate Training Videos can be an asset to virtually every type of business.  The Choate Construction Company is a general contractor comprised of industry specific groups with offices in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Choate specializes in the construction and renovation of corporate headquarters, industrial & manufacturing, computer data/disaster recover centers, healthcare/biomedical, retail, senior housing, institutional, automotive retail, and multi-use facilities throughout the Southeast.  Safehouse Studios is assisting Choate Construction Company with facilitating video production on a project in Chapel Hill, NC.  The University of North Carolina Imaging Research Building is a world class state of the art cancer and major disease research center.  Choate Construction Company has hired us to video training sessions presented by the different vendors used in the complex building to assist in the education of the University’s Maintenance and Operations staff. These videos will provide an additional layer of information and education to the University staff and will make the transition into their new facility more seamless.  Choate Construction Company has made a smart investment in using corporate training videos to provide their customers with an outstanding product!