The focus in that shot is unbelievable. So is the focus shown by the Healthcare Team in Cone Health’s COVID wing at the flagship of the system, Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital. We have shot a lot of footage over the past year and a half and Covid Video Production is always an event to prepare for.

Red Zone

Cone Health is known for innovation, and the pandemic has proven that ten fold. At Safehouse, we are well versed in appropriate PPE procedures for our crew. I mean, we shot the video teaching Healthcare workers how to step by step don and doff PPE properly.

Love the CAPR

The people we have had the opportunity to meet throughout this have been inspirational! Being specialists in the field of Medical Videography has taught us so much about so many things. In the Healthcare Industry, professionalism is a non-negotiable. We pride ourselves on making sure our clients do not have to concern themselves with their video production company and their policies and procedures in regards to privacy and professionalism. They have enough to worry about….. we got this.