Event Video Production

A Live Event Production Services holds many challenges that may seem difficult, but when you have the right tools – such as we do here at Safehouse – you can be confident that your event will be professionally captured.

We have supported and covered many outdoor and indoor events, from concerts and banquets to lectures and have traveled all over the United States from South Beach Florida to Seattle Washington. Our approach is to get the energy and atmosphere of what is happening at your conference by way of event videography. Documenting everything that tells the story of what it was like to attend a event. Call us today for your next event.

Jason and his team do a wonderful job of making sure the project you have in mind comes out as good as – if not WAY BETTER – than you expect!

They helped my company build out a project we were working to visit customer throughout the U.S. They were very fair on pricing and made suggestions to make sure we were getting the most bang for our buck along the way.

I highly recommend working with Jason and Safehouse to anyone who needs video or photography services.

Laurence Hall

Industry Marketing Specialist, NEOGOV