From time to time we have the privilege of shooting with a creative cinematic look in mind versus a traditional video production project. Even though film and video production are to of the same in capturing motion video. Many see “filming” different then a video production. Most times the word production implies a commercial approach such as TV commercials, advertisement, and promotional content. On the other hand filming will many times have the implications of shooting something like a short film, full length movie, or something like a music video. One more linear, versus the other more artistic. Here is a music video by the artist named “Natman” with his song “My Life”. Natman is a very close friend of ours that has worked with us in the past as a PA. Jason Franco (owner/ operator) was asked to approach this music video with his own creative eye. Given the liberty to do a project like this it is very fun and exciting as a content creator capturing motion video.

Video Production

In many cases the term video production is what we hear at Safehouse. So in that regard we focus on creating the story of a brand or the value of a product. There are many reasons to start a “video production” project for our clients. Here’s an example of a wealth management firm located in Greensboro, North Carolina. The direction of the project was to share who and what is the Market Street Wealth Management Group, LLC. Even though this project was to take a very professional corporate approach, you will see that we deliberately did not  over produce the environment of their offices and, the choices of locations we shot in. David Wise,  Kathy Kueider, and staff  of the firm are a very wonderful down to earth group of people. When you walk into their firm you understand right away there is nothing false or fake about them. They gain trust in clients and see them as friends. That is a very important aspect of Market Street Wealth Management Group, LLC.