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Safehouse Studios is a picture and video production firm servicing Washington D.C. that produces video and picture content which drives your vision and captures attention. Equipped with audio equipment and professional high end video, a polished appearance is what your project gets. Beginning with production design we get the vision and get locked into the goal at hand. After that, we start shooting by creating a cozy and SAFE environment for our customers, not a high extreme setting. No drama here. In locating the story that shows the vision, imagination takes the lead.

Videos are among the most versatile approaches content marketers can leverage. The impact video has raises awareness for our clients to goods, conferences, a brand, or an effort. YouTube is the next most visited website on the planet, so have a look in the following video that we created. It’s not even more than two minutes and thirty seconds.

People on average spend about 9 minutes PER DAY watching videos on YouTube – that’s a huge audience and a massive amount of time invested. And this time being spent comes from a straightforward element that individuals want to be amused through videos.

Kinds of Video Examples

Advertising Agencies
Merchandise Videography
Live Events

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Imagine What Video Can Do

Imagine going from a space in North Carolina where you’ve got inferior representation, nobody is calling you because of lack of proper video. You may be finding that revenues are down. You’ve already arrive at the conclusion that you simply need video production, and now you’re searching for where to begin. To start with, you need somebody who is willing to get inside your eyesight and comprehend what you want the last outcome to be. In addition, you need to make sure that whomever you find has the tools to get the task finished professionally.

Now, because of a appropriate video, you can invest your time and effort in an effort supported by video that gets across the message. You start getting calls, folks are somewhat more interested in your services, and you assemble a better connection with your audience. If you need us to travel, we are more than happy to do so. We frequently travel through Raleigh, NC and beyond to serve our happy clients.

We Have the Correct Film and Video Production

We need to work with our customers and supply you with the exposure your business COULD BE WORTH. Safehouse Studios, moreover, is the premier picture and video production firm servicing Washington D.C. Hence we can make this happen through various video and picture services, from pre- to post production including creative, crew, producer, director, gear, audio, studio, filming, aerial photography and videography, editing, and much more.


If you desire to make a powerful choice for the future of your company, please pick up the telephone and telephone (844) 301-7233 for a free consultation.