Keeping Your Video Content Fresh!

CEO of Cone Health, Dr. Mary Jo Cagle

How do you keep your video content relevant and fresh year after year? How do you make the most of the content that you have already created? Well, the Program Directors for a local Residency Program can definitely teach a class on THAT!

Updating Existing Video Content

Last year we were so happy to create recruitment videos for 3 Residency Programs here in Greensboro. This year, 2 of those programs reached out to us and wanted some changes made. We started with the Internal Medicine Residency, where they added some faculty and wanted to include them in the video. With the Behavioral Health Residency, a very high level Executive had left the program and those talking points needed to be covered again. NO PROBLEM! Let’s see if we can chat with the new CEO and a couple of first year Residents and give a new spin to the same content. And that’s what we did! Because we shot the initial footage, it was a walk in the park to take the existing video content, remove the pieces that we wanted to replace, shoot new footage and integrate it with the previous piece.

The Program Directors were very happy with what we put together for them, and now they have fresh and relevant video content for this years batch of recruits! We always learn so much at these shoots. Our passion for the medical industry just gets stronger and stronger. Being able to make a difference in this industry is truly something special!

Take a look below at a quick clip of how we set up for the CEO’s shoot! We set up a GoPro in the corner of the room prior to setting up, and now you can see exactly how we roll into a room and get ready for a shoot. We take pride in scouting a location prior to showing up, so that we know exactly what we are working with when we arrive.