Live Streaming Concerts

Con Funk Shun

Live Streaming has been a part of our offerings here at Safehouse for well over a decade. I know, it seems like a Catch 22 because you can’t imagine life without live streaming, but it wasn’t that long ago when it wasn’t even a thing. We started with a website called Stickam which launched in 2005. Our first livestreams were catered towards live bands that could come into the studio and perform for their fans live online. Funny how things come back around!

Stephanie Mills Performance, the live streaming platform BUILT for music, contacted us recently because a local university had contracted them to virtually host their Homecoming Alumni Concert. But let’s be honest because It wasn’t just any Homecoming Alumni Concert. It was what locals here and alumni around the world call The Greatest Homecoming On Earth! That’s right NCA&T University. The largest public HBCU in the nation and consistently ranked one of the top HBCUs. And of course home to the Greatest Homecoming on Earth. Yep, this was a big deal, and add to that the legendary ConFunkShun and Stephanie Mills were performing, and you’ve got a night to remember. Live Streaming Concerts is in our blood, and we were excited to be invited to support Mandolin and the Aggie Alumni.

The 2 of Us

And it never hurts to sit side by side with my husband at work! We were set up by 1:30 for an 8:30 showtime and conducted the stream test. We took a break and arrived again at 5:30 with our trusty cameraman, Fabio, and the night was fantastic. Great music with lots of “Aggie Pride” shouts, and a fantastic Live Stream Concert. Interested? Call us!