Live Video Streaming Services

We provide the tools and expertise for you to broadcast live video online.

Whether it is a corporate meeting or non-profit event, we can help you get your message online and in front of your target audience.

Live streaming video services is a production that requires a high-level skill set in order to capture the essence of the moment in real time, without scripted “takes” and “cuts”. It’s a skill that can only be mastered by real-world training and experience.

Our live streaming services are equipped with multiple 4k cameras, eight-channel video mixer, 32 channel digital audio mixer, and well-experienced crew.  The process of live streaming, producing and encoding a professional multi-camera live stream is made easy with our team of film and television industry professionals. The entire pre-production, event, and post-production streaming processes are covered by us facilitating in achieving your goals.

At Safehouse Studios we maintain a high level of proficiency in live streaming services and strive to achieve the best possible results for our clients at all times.

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