Cone Health’s new Mobile Medical Bus

Marketing surrounds us on many different levels these days, and often times we don’t even recognize it. We have all heard of and observed product placement in movies and television, and sometimes I wonder if some of the “mistakes” are actually mistakes at all. Remember the Starbucks cup on the table in Game of Thrones? Hmmmmmmmm….I wonder what Starbucks sales were that week. Video Production WILL enhance your marketing, sometimes in ways you wouldn’t guess!

Dr. Jegede is all smiles when talking about his involvement with this amazing vehicle!

Every once in a while we run across marketing for things that are not designed to drive sales or a bottom line number, but things that are supposed to enhance and make our lives better. Such is the case with Cone Health’s Mobile Medical bus. This thing is amazing! We got to speak with the doctors that envisioned this bus and designed it from the ground up. The design was developed with the community at the forefront, and it shows! Video production can enhance marketing for the medical community too!

We shot this video on 2 different dates. One date was for the interior and stationary shots and one date for the moto-crane, which was an amazing adventure. The folks over at did an amazing job helping us capture this dynamic bus in action, and we had a great time doing it! Marketing Managers for medical organizations can call us anytime to talk about what we can bring to their organization, and how we can help you get video production that is relatable, targeted, and informative!

Nick is waiting with his mom and his mask