Learning to use the walker

The spread of COVID-19 has affected so many aspects of our lives, and in working with the Medical Field we have found some really cool ways to make things BETTER for patients coming in for surgery. A lot of Healthcare Systems offer classes for patients having knee or hip replacement prior to their surgery so that patients can know what to expect when they come into the hospital. We were contracted to produce a series of videos making these classes into videos for the patients because they could not hold classes in a group setting with Corona restrictions.

Knee Replacement

We were actually smack in the middle of producing content like this for prostate cancer patients PRIOR to the Corona Virus outbreak. Of course that got put on hold. But the word spread to other areas of the health system and as soon as we were allowed back onto the campus we had several requests for class and training videos. This particular one was a video production crew’s dream. We had so much fun with our “patients” and learned a ton of useful info.

Talking Head Day

When all is said and done, this video will be given to anyone getting ready to undergo hip or knee replacement, as well as should surgery. We already have another one of these videos on our calendar and can’t wait to work with the next group of incredibly smart doctors, nurses, and marketing managers, and other healthcare workers to knock it out of the park!