Flaming Video

Sometimes you get to work with people that really seem to appreciate what you bring to the table. We have found that when working in the video production industry, we learn so much from the different types of people that we get to work with. Mark at Flame Treating Systems is no different!

Talk about a niche market, Flame Treating Systems has been serving their clients since 1973. Everything they build is custom for their clients. That’s why it’s no surprise when clients continue to call on them! They have clients that trust them and understand what kind of quality and durability FTS provides. If you want to check out what Flame Hardening really is, go visit them at https://flametreatingsystems.com/

Monitor Fire

Check out the amazing visuals this shoot provided! This is one of those shoots where you know the final product will be stunning. Remember, nothing catches a consumers eye more than video. At Safehouse Studios, we pride ourselves on learning about your niche, relating to your vision, and helping you find the best way to convey your message! Feel free to give us a shout and talk about how we can help YOUR relatability. We would love to get to know your niche, what makes you different, and help you find the best way possible to gain exposure.

Meanwhile, we will look forward to our next trip to Durham to see what Mark has in store for us on his next build. Each time we go we are super impressed with what they have working. We would have never even known what Flame Hardening was had we not been contacted years ago to produce a video. That’s one of the things we LOVE about what we do. Everything has a story, we love finding it and giving it wings!

Industrial Video Production