Event Videography

National Communication Association

The Challenge

To capture a live event for The National Communication Association with multiple angles and provide live audio support. Produce a highlight video along with a full length archival piece.

The Solution

Assemble a three man crew geared up with two camers, audio packages and audio tech. Editing service and delivery.

Appalachian, Tennessee

Crew Members


Total Shoot Days


Project Break Down

Camera Gear

Two Canon C300 Mark ii

Audio Gear

6 Wireless Sennheiser lapel packages, 32 Channel digital mixxer, with Zoom 8 field Audio Recorder

Lighting Gear

Available lighting.

The Results

NCS  has the content to show his message and passion by way of video. Giving a clear visual perspective of what kind of speaker he is. Video on a website helps you standout along with great SEO efforts. 88% of visitors stay longer on a site with video displayed.

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