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Hiring a good, quality videographer is crucial for your next marketing strategy or corporate project.  It takes skill, experience, and talent to make a good corporate videographer, not just fancy equipment.  High quality photos or well edited video clips will make your project stand out instead of just stand up.  The first thing you need to do is ask yourself what you need out of your project.  How many photos?  How long does the video need to be?  When does it need to be done by?  Once you know all the details about your project, start interviewing potential videographers.  Here are some important questions you should ask your potential candidates.

How long have you been working as a videographer?  You want to make sure that your videographer has experience in their craft.

When will the final product to be finished?  Every project needs a timetable so make sure your videographer will fit within your deadline.  Make sure to get a solid deadline date before committing to your final choice.

Have you worked for a corporate client before?  Many videographers have experience with weddings instead of corporate video production.

Can I see your portfolio?  You will be able to see examples of their work and you can weed out the ones who don’t have a portfolio.  It is common to have digital portfolios in this particular industry, so you might want to have a computer or mobile device on hand if you want to view their work right away.

What editing software/lighting/camera do you use?  Asking questions about their equipment gives you an idea about the quality of the finished product.  If you don’t know the first thing about equipment, just take notes and look it up later.  You should also judge the quality of their response, a quick answer said with confidence means they probably know their trade while a mumbled answer or “I don’t know” means they might lack experience.

The interviewing process might take some time, but it’s important to find the best high quality corporate videographer for your project.  You’ll be looking for someone who has experience working with corporate clients, who knows their business, and can get your project to you in a timely manner.  Finding the right videographer in the beginning of the project is crucial because getting the wrong one can set your project back weeks if not months.