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Raleigh, North Carolina’s Choice for a Creative Video Production Company

Safehouse Studios is a film and video production company servicing Raleigh, North Carolina, that produces video and film content which grabs attention and drives your business’s vision and the collaborative community of Raleigh. Our film and video production services have helped clients in  small business, corporate, as well as the film industry excel and get their message across with relative ease.

Equipped with professional high-end video and audio equipment, Safehouse Studios gives your business the polished look it deserves. Starting with production design, we work with your Raleigh business to capture your unique vision and then lock into the goal at hand. We then start our shoots by creating a comfortable and SAFE environment for our clients, not a high intense setting. No drama here. Creativity takes the lead in finding the story that shows your vision.

Why use video for your Raleigh business?

Videos are among the most versatile tactics content marketers can leverage. The impact video has raises awareness for our customers to your brand, conferences, products, or campaign. Since YouTube is the second most visited website in the world, it’s an important platform for your business to gain the traction it needs online. Here are a few excerpts from videos we’ve produced:

People on average spend about 9 minutes PER DAY watching videos on YouTube – and that’s a lot of people. And with Raleigh’s recent accolades (like ranking #2 on the Forbes list for Businesses and Careers), portraying your business with video makes you stand out amongst your competition. And it comes from a simple element: people desire to be entertained through videos.

Types of Video Examples

Imagine What Video Can Do

Imagine going from a space in Raleigh, North Carolina where your business has poor representation. Nobody is calling you because of lack of proper video and other content from which your business can be found online. Sales are down. If you’ve already come to the decision that you need video production for your Raleigh business, you just need to know where to begin.

You need a Raleigh video production company who is willing to get inside your vision and understand what you want the final outcome to be. You also need to make sure that whoever you find has the tools to get the job done professionally and within budget.

Because of professional video, you can invest your efforts in a campaign supported by video that gets your message across to the city of Raleigh. Your phone starts ringing. People are more interested in your services. You build a better connection with your audience in Raleigh and beyond.

Are you looking to shoot your video in a different location than Raleigh? We’ve also traveled through Atlanta, GA and throughout the Midwest to serve our happy clients.

We have the right film and video production

We want to work with our clients to give you the exposure that your business is WORTH. In addition, Safehouse Studios is the premier film and video production company servicing Raleigh, North Carolina. We can help your business with quality video through a variety of video and film services, from pre- to post-production including director, producer, creative, crew, equipment, audio, studio, filming, aerial photography and videography, editing, and much more.

Being more than ordinary is just a phone call away. Safehouse Studios will help your business do just that.

Being more than ordinary is just a phone call away. Safehouse Studios will help your business do just that.