I have spent many years telling people that the company I own is not a marketing  company but, I have come to realize that marketing is something that I enjoy. I have always viewed marketing companies as the people that decided I was hired. To come in an created content that would give their company a good view on their value to a brand. It was a middle man type of work that I did not want to be viewed as. But today I give in to the idea that what I do is marketing. I see marketing as giving a definition to a brand with the goal to better the company and or product. Supporting the brand of a company by increasing sales, and or value of a company. Over the years I have worked with many people that are in a marketing position for many deferent clients. Many times a job that I did would start with “how do you do this?” and I would do my best by finding the best way to do what ever the “this” is. So in sort I can be honest with myself and say I do love marketing. Reaching out to people with a goal in mind.