Video Production Company That Travels

A great company based in Canada  “Premier Tech” had reached out to us to find someone that can travel to Virginia at the Miracle Grow  plant.  Their need was to find a video production company that can produce video for them to showcase on their website. The challenge was the size of machinery that need to be covered  with the video and the internal lighting of the plant.  To cover the size showing from top to bottom we use a 8 foot crane along with a  forklift cherry picker  to get numerous angles to show how the machinery operated.  The shoot took a full day of shooting we also needed to make sure that we did not hold up productivity in the miracle grow plant.  Once we were done and wrapped up the shoot we were able then to give the files on SD cards to the client to take back to their corporate headquarters.  On this job we did not edit the video shown below but provided material for their editors.  All in all it was a relatively small shoot one camera one operator one day.  We enjoy being in a video production company that provides great solutions for our clients  and is willing to travel wherever our clients need us.

 Please note the editors from  Premier Tech decided to publish without audio.