A professional video production company that does what you need.

That’s Safehouse Studios.

You want a professional video production company that understands your unique situation. If your project needs direction from strategy to implementation and delivery, Safehouse Studios can help walk your business or non-profit through the process seamlessly from beginning to end.

No project is too big or small! We work on small 30-second video pieces up to large corporate events and live streamed conventions.

Our video production services are unique from other agencies you’ll come across. We place a strong emphasis on consulting and strategy development so that we can be as creative as possible while maintaining a positive focus on your brand’s goals, desires, and outcomes. Hiring Safehouse Studios is like adding additional team members to your business. We create a product that matches your brand’s look, style, voice, and vision.

Corporate Videos

Every business needs to convey specific messages–either to employees, customers, or partners. Having the right set of tools and guidance from Safehouse Studios helps you design videos that not only meet the demands of your organization but exceed the expectations of your users.

Event Videography

Whether you have a corporate agenda or a non-profit event; we can capture or even live stream the event on the web for you. Our event video production team has produced event videography projects from coast-to-coast and are available across the country.

TV & Commercials

A well-produced TV Commercial is essential to having a desirable impact on your target audience. Safehouse Studios specializes in designing and producing high quality, engaging video content for TV and internet video commercial applications.

Video Marketing

Producing high quality videos is one part design and development, another part marketing strategy. Safehouse Studios understands what it takes to effectively reach and engage your target audience with captivating videos that generate leads and revenue.

Creative Videos

Our team of video production experts are creative and innovative, always searching for new ideas and methodologies. As a result, we truly capture the essence of your brand and engage your audience on a personal level, evoking emotions through your message.

Being more than ordinary is just a phone call away. Safehouse Studios will help your business do just that.

Being more than ordinary is just a phone call away. Safehouse Studios will help your business do just that.