Cone Health LOGO Greensboro NCWe had been given the task to start a very great project for Cone Health Cancer Center at Wesley Long Hospital, part of the Cone Health Network. We were hired to come produce biography video clips for the doctors to be posted on the Cancer Center website. This will give potential patients a chance to get to know a little about each of the doctors at the Cancer Center as well as hear the doctors speak for themselves regarding their history and background. With Cone Health teaming up with Safehouse we had the opportunity to meet a well diverse staff and capture their individual personalities to show their true compassion for the medical field profession. With any professional corporate environment we at Safehouse performed with a strict and prompt deadline for medical staff. It was important to provide the staff a comfortable and professional environment during the video shoot.
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For this project we employed a 2 camera shoot, director, assistant, makeup artist, and interviewer. Our workflow consists of 4 point lighting, 2 camera shoot (one on a dolly), video village, and makeup area with lighting. A video production for the medical field can be very effective communication tool to use in connecting to patients and visitors.

Cone Health Cancer Center at Wesley Long Hospital is a well established medical icon. It was a pleasure to work with Wesley Long Hospital, a top notch environment.

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