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Video Production in New York

Safehouse New York Video production 1

Recently, we here at Safehouse Studios have had the option of working with our wonderful client and friends at Interior Design Society. This year we have embarked on a year contract with Safehouse being a contracted employee, which means one of us, collaborative staff or owner operator, will have the opportunity ¬†of being on call for IDS. Our first project was video production in New York, to visit one of IDS’ Long Island chapters. The goal was to highlight and focus on some of the great things this chapter has been doing under the organization of IDS.

Although many of our opportunities of working with clients and friends are traditional projects with prompt turn arounds, we will often build a strong enough ongoing relationship with our clients to establish a status of contracted employee. Which means our goal as a company is to create an internal entity while staying in a budget, as if Safehouse was an employee and we provide an on call status tackling projects as they come up, with a vision and drive equal if not greater than an employee.

Safehouse New York Video production 2

Snoa Garrigan, Executive Director of Interior Design Society

To give a little bit of a backstory to the video production in New York that we produced, the weather circumstances posed a unique yet enjoyable opportunity. This time of year snow can roll into New York with just a few hours notice. At the end of our shoot that night we were informed there would be approximately 6 to 8 inches of snow coming in. Snoa (executive director of IDS), a very avid traveler, had the experience and foresight to know that we needed to reschedule for a later flight. Which would cause us to come back home to North Carolina a day late. Jason Franco (Owner operator of Safehouse) agreed and made the best of it, by going into the city and doing a little bit of sight seeing.

Two things that you can take away from this post is that we pride ourselves in being a high end video/photo service company, and that we are adaptable and have no problem spending time with our clients A.K.A. friends.