Virtual Video Project

I love the mounted hanging camera in this shot!

We were contracted recently to produce a project for a local health network teaching patients how to login to their Virtual Video Visits. Seems easy enough, right? But this project actually involved several moving parts!

First off, we like to make sure our clients are as hands-on….. or hands-off as they want to be. In this situation, the client has worked with us multiple times and was super confident that we could handle this Virtual Video shoot. We sent actor information and headshots as well as location information and the client could sit back, approve or suggest, and rely on us to handle it!

Baby Clamp!

The Magic of the Baby Clamp

And I mean handle it. Once the roles for the spokesperson and patient were decided, and locations were secured, we began shooting. But what happens when your new scrubs are a little too big for the talent? Baby clamps to the rescue!! Jason and I found these at Southeastern Camera by the register and I just HAD TO! We bought 4 of them and I keep a couple in my purse and a couple in the gig bag at all times. I’ve just been waiting for an opportunity, and this Virtual Video shoot was exactly that opportunity! Just pull the scrub shirt in the back, attach a couple of baby clamps, and our talent is camera ready. I may need to go edit our gear list to include baby clamps!

The next step is capturing the actual virtual visit on the laptop or mobile device. We digitally recorded someone actually logging in to the website and used that content behind our green screen talent to not only explain, but visually show people how to access their Virtual Video Visit.

Logging In

After just a couple of revisions, this video was ready to release. One thing about this particular project that made me proud was that our client had enough confidence in us to orchestrate this entire project with very little hands-on help needed from them. During this era of Covid-19, our medical clients are incredibly busy keeping up with the demand for information as well as patient care. At Safehouse, we can take your project from concept to completion with professionalism.