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Safehouse Studios specializes in healthcare video, industrial video, webcasting, and live streaming in Greensboro, North Carolina. Founded in 2000 by Jason and Emily Franco, Safehouse Studios has established itself as a leader in video production, serving clients across the United States with high-quality content.

Welcome to Safehouse Studios, a Video Production Expert in North Carolina

Our Mission: Excellence in Every Frame

We are committed to high-quality, cost-effective video production solutions tailored to our clients' unique needs. Leveraging video's power to convey complex messages compellingly, we support goals in the healthcare sector, industrial companies, and more, with a team ready to support your video production ambitions.

A History of Innovation and Service

Opened our studio office in downtown Greensboro, Safehouse Studios adapts to our clients' evolving needs. Our clientele includes Fortune 500 companies and individuals eager to share their vision, benefiting from our dedicated service.

Healthcare video production shoot by Safehouse Studios

Why Safehouse Studios?

  • Award-Winning Quality: Recognized for excellence in video production, we commit to creating impactful content.​

  • Diverse Specialization: We offer expertise in healthcare, industrial, webcasting, and live streaming, covering a broad spectrum of video production needs.

  • Client-Centric Approach: Focused on customized solutions, we ensure your vision is realized and exceeded in every project.

  • Experienced Team: Our professionals bring decades of experience, providing the necessary skills for flawless execution.


We understand the importance of healthcare videos in educating and informing the public. Our healthcare video production team specializes in creating impactful and engaging video content to help guide viewers through complex medical topics.



Specializing in crafting high-quality industrial videos for training, safety, and corporate branding. We will help create a productive and safe working environment for your business. Creating videos that accurately communicate your company’s message and values.

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