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Cancer Treatment Series

Building reliability and confidence between a patient and a Doctor's relationship.


We are ecstatic to share that our most recent project has been completed! This project is exactly why we do what we do. This project started way before Covid as just an idea and now it is a product helping people going through one of the hardest times of their lives. We were able to create a series of videos, with healthcare providers, for cancer patients explaining what they can expect when going into therapy, what to expect during different procedures, and more. This is educational content that our client is sharing with patients to add transparency to their relationship. Content is assigned to a patient once they have been diagnosed and sent to them depending on their diagnosis for them to watch from home.

This is not just explanatory lecture-like content. This series shows real life examples and testimonies of what patients can expect during their different forms of treatment including radiation therapy and chemotherapy for multiple kinds of cancer including breast, lung, and rectal cancer. Our personalized approach gives patients the ability to go back, listen, and understand exactly what they are walking into and how the process works. Not only will this help patients to understand but, it is going to foster trust with the healthcare providers they are going to be seeing on a regular basis.

That is our mission here at SafeHouse. Bringing transparency and trust to the patient and all of their providers including their nurses, technicians, physicians assistants, doctors and everyone in between is exactly what we are here to do; or as our owner likes to put it, “Giving clarity and direct communication is what builds reliability and confidence between a patient and a Doctor's relationship. Helping pave a way to a better quality of life even if it is as small as helping a person sleep a little better the night before they have any medical procedure.”(Jason, Owner) Not only that, but this series of videos can be shown to patient families, bringing them answers to their questions as well. To a patient's family, products like these not only give them peace of mind but they now can spend time with their loved one rather than continue asking questions that their loved one cannot remember the answer to, and that means more than anything in the world to them.

Now you may be asking yourself, “Why are they so excited?”. Well not only is it our mission to bring transparency to healthcare providers and their patients; but, this series gave us the ability to give something to the patients as well. Peace of mind! Patients they no longer have to remember medical jargon or what it means. They no longer have to explain medical jargon to their family either. Of course we are not medical professionals! But this project was a way for us to give these patients a small semblance of fresh air during one of the most troubling times of their lives; by bringing the medical professionals into an intimate space where they can explain the process to a patient and the patient can re-watch as many times as they need to in order to understand.

The transparency captured in this series is exactly what strengthens a bond between healthcare providers and their patients. Strengthening the bond between the two makes a world of difference in a patient’s treatment and recovery process. Patients who have a strong bond with their healthcare providers feel less alone when in waiting rooms, imaging rooms, and exam rooms; this product makes them feel like there is an army of people guiding them through this treatment process and fighting alongside them. This project was not only exciting but it meant everything to our Owner, and Lead DP on our projects, Jason.

Jason understands exactly what a project like this can mean to a patient and their family. For him, coming from a family of multiple cancer diagnoses, this project hit home. He understands when you are hit with that kind of news, everything else tunes out. You’re not in the space to ask questions or even form the beginning thoughts of a question. Once you are able to listen to the provider, you can hardly understand what they are trying to tell you. The words you do hear are words you have never heard of. Then you come home to a worried household full of relatives asking the very questions you could not think of. Jason lived through that. He understands the respect a project like this deserves and the delicacy it requires. This project for Safehouse as a whole captured our hearts and meant everything to us. With this series we knew exactly what kind of people we were helping and exactly how it was going to help them. For Jason and for all of Safehouse this project came from the heart. Which is why we are in this industry. We make material for healthcare providers to help bring peace of mind to their patients and families as well as creating trusting between patient and provider.

We are just in love with the work we have been doing lately. This project was an opportunity to create a space for cancer patients. It gave them transparency between their entire healthcare team from entire departments like Radiology and Oncology to individual people like their nurses, physician’s assistants, and doctors. This series is exactly what patients need in order to understand what to expect during multiple kinds of treatments, testing, and procedures. For patients, they get to understand what the treatment process looks like and even what to expect in recovery on their own time.

We said this project came from the heart but the truth is, all of our work does. We understand that content made with passion, heart, and respect is what makes our content unique and we take pride in that. We are proud of this project and are eager to begin another. Bringing communication, trust, and transparency to the healthcare industry one video at a time.

“Giving clarity and direct communication is what builds reliability and confidence between a patient and a Doctor's relationship. Helping pave a way to a better quality of life even if it is as small as helping a person sleep a little better the night before they have any medical procedure.”



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