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Residency Recruitment

Can you recall a time you began some sort of onboarding process where you were providing practically a ton of reading material to go through and understand if this was something you wanted to continue? Maybe that was college acceptance where you are mailed a novel of materials consisting of information regarding campus life, classes, dorms and so much more; or maybe that was when you were accepted into an internship. For many people, it is when they get matched to a medical residency program. Most prospective residents consider a multitude of factors when deciding which of the programs they have been matched with is going to be where they spend the next four years of their lives and begin their healthcare career. They make these decisions based on articles, newsletters, flyers, and letters sent from these programs trying to convey a beautiful city with amazing opportunities. Unless the residency program director contacts us. We provide a residency program with the perfect tool to pull in the next generation of amazing healthcare providers looking to continue their healthcare education. Recruitment videos highlighting each of the top factors that prospective residents consider when deciding on a program to participate in is exactly what will put one program above the others.

So what factors are most important to prospective residents? To name a few; location, reputation, work-life balance, size, and fellowship opportunities. Take location for example, would reading about how beautiful a city is do more justice than seeing clips of the amazing Carolina mountains or beautiful city skylines like Charlotte? We don’t think so. Being able to see exactly what a city has to offer will give prospective residents the exact insight into their possible home for the next four years. They want to see what living in this city will be like. Is there plenty to do? What’s the food like? Where can I shop? Can I put roots down here? These are all questions that can be answered in a simple video describing your program and what your city has to offer. Not only that but words would pale in comparison to being able to actually see the size of the city and the hospital where they would begin their careers and live for the next four years or even for the rest of their career.

Now what about fellowship opportunities, work-life balance, and possible co-workers? These are all things every resident considers before making a decision. That’s why we decided to bring current residents, fellows, the program director, and more people into interviews. Hearing from the people who have gone down the same path these residents are about to walk down can help to put their minds at ease. They have the ability to hear from people they will see every day throughout their residency. They will see their personalities, hear more about the program, and get a feel of what opportunities the hospital has to offer after their residency program has ended.

Now how do you portray reputation in a video with people who are currently at the hospital? Show your accomplishments! Showing what your current residents and former residents, now current fellows, are accomplishing is a great way to give prospective residents an idea of what your program can teach them, the kind of doctors they will become, and what they can accomplish going into your program. Not only that but hearing from these accomplished healthcare providers is a great way to show these residents what kind of accomplishments they can complete by going into your program. On top of this, everyone needs a mentor, and being able to hear from possible mentors can help a resident to feel they will get the best education possible in your residency program and have the perfect mentors who can walk down this path with them showing them the way.

One factor we have not mentioned yet is work-life balance. This one factor can tie your entire video in a nice big bow. What better way to portray what your city has to offer than showing the work-life balance current residents are able to sustain while in your residency program? Showing where your current residents love to eat, hang out, live, and even where they like to hike is a great way to portray their work-life balance and be able to see exactly what your city has to offer prospective residents.

So why is it so important to portray all this in a video rather than sending information packets like most programs do? Although these benefits have been listed out, does that really make a project like this important? Absolutely! But the importance does not just come from these benefits. Many people comprehend knowledge in a visual sense. When making such a big decision like this people need to see what they’re stepping into. That is where we come in. We make all the information easier to comprehend and we are able to highlight your program in a way words can’t. We know this decision is huge for these young residents and can be very overwhelming. Instead of reading and trying to visualize in their head or making them spend hours researching these cities to decide if they want to continue with the recruitment process; we make it easy. We show residents exactly what to expect in every aspect, from the program, opportunities, and the hospital as a whole to the city and what life would be like. We answer their questions before they ask. That kind of proactiveness can give them the peace of mind and the confidence needed to choose your program over others. We would love to work with you to bring the best residents to your program and highlight everything your program has to offer. If you would like to begin this project with us we would love to hear from you! Get in contact with us through our contact page or social media to talk about what we can do to make your residency program show the perks of your program.



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