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Best video production companies

The quest to find the best video production company can be a big challenge that faces many. A starting point for marketing directors and decision-makers can be a budget. That is where the balance starts. Looking for companies with the best gear that can do the project. Looking for the production company that has had the most experience in the field of video, along with past examples of work that is relevant to your project. These are just a few examples that can help someone make the decision of which is the best video production company to choose.


Video Gear

The right tools are key for a great production. But, let’s look over some past choices made for large video productions. Let's start with a common ground that we all know very well like blockbuster movies. When we think about the millions spent on movies we think of large $100,000 dollar cameras. Some film cameras go way beyond $250,000. And, that is just the camera. There is also the supporting gear like monitors up in the $6,000 range. Then there are lights and crew and etc… How much was your budget? Can you imagine taking a camera that costs around $500.00 ever having a place in an environment like that?

Sure you can go and pick up that camera right now at your local electronics store. It’s called a GoPro. Yep, GoPro shots have found their way into many large box office hits. But is that the right gear for your project? By itself, I would think not but with other professional gear… sure. The assumption of expensive high gear does not always equal the best video production companies. In many cases, high gear chosen by the companies can equal a high expense budget. But for example, if you are in a car company and you need a low tight shot. A $500.00 camera may be what is needed even on a $10,000.00 commercial shoot. So beware sometimes expensive gear means expensive overhead which can be applied to your video production budget. Not to mention some companies will have to rent gear to do the job.

What about experience?

Experience can be a gray area. For example, if four college students decide to start a video production company, they can add up individual years together to make for a decade of experience. But on the other hand, a company that has been around for many years and has the history to show it might have a historical look if you know what I mean. Experience is very important but a wildlife video shooter may approach a product shoot much differently than a commercial shooter. That’s why big movie studios take it very seriously when looking for the right director for a movie. A young edgy approach might call for a young director or vice versa.

How to decide?

So how do you make the right decision for your next video production? And what makes the best video production companies? It comes down to the right fit. For example, a shoe is a shoe, right? No. If you are about to go out and play a game of rugby, a six-inch heel may cover your foot but would be the wrong shoe. Let me use my company as an example. When being introduced to a project I want to meet by phone or in person to see if we are the right fit. My goal is to go over the vision for the project and the needs of the day, and will I or our team get the big picture. Personalities play a big part. When we show up at a shoot we are clearly identified by our company’s clothing so that the supporting crew is quickly recognized. Even though our approach to a set is to be comfortable and safe our appearance is to be professional and responsible. No Birkenstocks here. It is important to me that as the owner of Safehouse, we bring a sign of professionalism to any video project.


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