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Healthcare Providers: How do you communicate with your patients and community?

What's the best way to communicate with your community? This question lingers in all businesses and industries. The Healthcare industry needs a solid answer, these days. The world is looking for leadership during this time.

People need reassurance.

They need to know you are trustworthy. This makes it difficult to know the best way to reach out. People have different needs.

What do you want to communicate?

When you understand what you want to communicate, you begin to understand the media you need to use. Here's how you can figure this out...

Are you trying to share important information? The old standby for this is plain text. If done correctly, you write it so people can read it. If done wrong, people will not read it at all.

Here's the thing about plain text.

It's hard to build trust in plain text. It's hard to judge what's communicated. Have you ever received a text you didn't understand? It's because you didn't have context for the conversation. The same happens with your information when you use plain text. Your reader doesn't know the real meaning behind your words.

Text alone can cause more questions. That's why having a FAQ or Q&A after the text is necessary. It's the reason you answer the same questions all the time, even though you've already provided answers in written form.

How do you feel when you've received an email or text without context? You need to read it, but do you want to?

Why Video?

Video can give context for the information you need to share. The same is true for your readers. They should read the information, but do they want to?

That's why video is the best way, that I know, to communicate with your community.

First, you create a video that summarizes what you need to say. This is important because your viewers are also your readers. Videos are viewed more than text documents on the internet and in email. This trend has grown even more in light of the Pandemic. It will help you to communicate through video. People can view it at their leisure. They read something later if it looks like a long text... Or do they?

Many times long text gets filed away and it doesn't get read. (Even if it's important.)

But a video creates a little intrigue for the viewer. If you title the video properly, you can get them to view a part of it. You want to load the front of your video with the most important information. This will help them stay engaged while they watch it.

Videos build trust much quicker than text.

Here's why...

They see a video with someone's face on it. This is important for several reasons.

  • People tend to believe a person before a brand or business.

  • A welcome face lowers the wall people put up when receiving information.

  • It creates an "air of expertise" for the person on camera.

  • It creates thought leadership. People will relate the person to the brand they are portraying.

  • They think what you say must be important if it's in video form.

These are all great reasons to use video to get your message out there.

Most importantly, it's the best way to communicate with your community. Videos can be transcribed and turned into blog posts, emails, or articles. Then you can get your information onto different platforms online and offline. You don't want any video. You want to make sure your video is professional-grade. There are certain elements necessary to make sure your video has great engagement.

This is what we do at Safehouse Studios. We provide you with professional-grade videos. This helps you to communicate effectively with your patients and community.

We've worked in the healthcare industry long enough to understand the importance of the information you share with your community. We've developed strategies to make sure you touch on the information you need. We can put your information into a video to communicate effectively. This is why we record our videos in a flow to get the most engagement. We also measure the engagement of your videos so you can see the impact. This will help you understand how to create future projects to get more engagement from your viewers.

We would love to help you communicate more effectively. Contact us so we can help you build trust in your next video.



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